Our cost

Transporting your pets can take time, planning, patience, and money. It’s not easy to do things cheaply with todays gas prices on the rise. We don’t transport pets to get rich and make a lot of money. We love spending time on the road with a puppy, serving you as the owner, and giving your puppy a happy and stress free ride. We also don’t race across the country, we stop often and let your pet get exercise, take a potty break, and enjoy the fresh air. We are also careful to make sure your pet(s) doesn’t get near strange dogs, dirty rest areas, mud, and other unsafe environments.

Once you contact us and give us all of your information along with a picture of you or your breeder with the pup we will check the mileage, local gas prices along your route and type of dog, we will check our schedule, get you a quote, and go from there.

Email: allanbremer@gmail.com and/or text: (520)497-9484